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Victor Ekwueme: Power of Foresight


Our #OnePerson for the month is Victor Ogo Ekwueme, a 44-year-old visually impaired Tech Professional and Data Scientist.

Victor Ekwueme holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Lagos and two Master’s degrees; in Information Technology – from the University of Nottingham and Intelligent Computational Systems from the University of Dundee.

After realizing his eyesight was deteriorating in 2004, he was later diagnosed with an incurable condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa, a rare genetic eye defect affecting 1 in 4,00 people. In a race against time to prepare himself for the inevitable, he started to consume as much knowledge as he could come across, in developmental books and technology materials. It was on this path he found a course on Python Programming.

In 2011, he won the Apps4Africa hackathon for his app called HospitalManager, but his eyesight deteriorated to the point where he couldn’t continue working on the app. This led to him getting an assistant to help him navigate daily activities; who introduced him to the screen reader on his computer and the independence to handle certain tasks.

He decided to get a job and despite his skills, had great difficulty with that due to his impairment and the stigma that came with it. 

After taking out his impairment disclosure from his CV and numerous rejections, he finally got employed. He currently works as a Specialist at Odoo, an integrated business apps suite; and a Data Scientist at Chams Holdings, a Nigerian tech company providing integrated technology solutions.

As a result of his expertise in Data Analytics and his disability; he collaborates with AccessTech as a Python tutor and trainer. AccessTech is an organisation dedicated to providing assistive technology tools and training blind people on digital skills. 

The organisation was founded in 2020 by Opeoluwa Akinola, who also has Retinitis Pigmentosa and didn’t have access to assistive technology to work independently, at the time of his diagnosis. 


In 2023, AccessTech launched its Assistive Technology Experience Centre in Lagos, in partnership with Microsoft AI4 Accessibility. So far, it has partnered with organisations in the US, Europe and Asia and is looking to expand its scope in Nigeria, beyond Lagos.

Victor Ekwuemem currently facilitates Tech Programmes for different organisations and believes that visually impaired individuals should have access to high-tech skills.

In his words “…the training is so that blind people are not just limited to craft-making like tie-and-dye or bead making. We can train them to be properly assimilated into society in high-tech jobs to grow in the industry and be (financially) independent.” 

You are doing something special, Victor! The world is better off with you.


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